Classics Worldtimer Manufacture: 10 years of travel embodying the history of Frederique Constant

Classics Worldtimer Manufacture: 10 years of travel embodying the history of Frederique Constant

Introduced in 2012, the Classics Worldtimer Manufacture has established itself in record time as one of Frederique Constant's best-selling timepieces, and is widely acclaimed by the watchmaking community. This success continues today, celebrating its 10th anniversary with two very exclusive limited editions, still dedicated to the art of travel and world exploration, and perfectly illustrating the history of the Maison.

The Classics Worldtimer Manufacture timepiece is a special creation, dear to the history of Frederique Constant, which crosses continents and transcends borders.

An influence that defies borders

Aletta and Peter Stas are of Dutch origin. Peter Stas studied at Harvard University in the United States before pursuing his career in Hong Kong, together with his wife Aletta Stas-Bax.

During a trip to Geneva, Switzerland in 1988, they noticed that the watches displayed in the windows of watch retailers seemed to belong to two categories: elegant, hand-made Swiss watches with a real watch mechanism - and therefore very expensive - or mass-produced models with little care in terms of finish and design, but at a much lower price. From this journey came the idea of creating classic "Swiss Made" watches, of high quality but at affordable prices.

While working in Hong Kong, Aletta and Peter Stas developed their first prototype, which they presented in 1992 at the Hong Kong Fair. A Japanese customer placed their first order for 350 pieces. In 1997, the entrepreneurial couple moved from Hong Kong to Switzerland to devote themselves exclusively to the development of the company.

It was in this same spirit that Technical Director & Master Watchmaker Pim Koeslag, and current Managing Director Niels Eggerding, joined Frederique Constant. Both are also Dutch and moved to Switzerland - from the Netherlands - after meeting Peter Stas. Pim Koeslag’s arrival allowed the development of in-house movements - including the FC-718 caliber – and led to the creation of the Manufacture as we know it today. 

From the success story inspired by the American spirit to Swiss quality, Asian rigor and Dutch cost rationalization, the Frederique Constant adventure is as collective as it is international, forming the DNA of the Brand. A world tour and a multicultural influence that is illustrated by the Classics Worldtimer Manufacture - through its continents, its movement, and down to its smallest detail.

A great success, several ingredients

How does the Classics Worldtimer Manufacture manage to win over the hearts of collectors today? A single question, but several answers, all brought together in its new variations.

Firstly, with a useful complication - not a watchmaker's creation for watchmakers, but one that will serve a wide public on a daily basis. This is the case with the Worldtimer. This beautiful invention, designed for exploration and travel, allows the exact time to be read instantly in the 24 cities that represent the 24 time zones of reference - with, as a bonus, the immediate indication of those that are currently in day or night. New York, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro or Dubai: each city is a call to escape, and for the past ten years it has carried the dreams of all the world's great travelers.

Secondly, with a Manufacture movement that remains within the realm of accessible watchmaking luxury. For more than 15 years, Frederique Constant has been able to design and assemble its own movements in-house, within its Geneva manufacture. The result is the FC-718 automatic caliber, with its 38-hour power reserve. It is an example of reliability and simplicity: all its indications are set with the crown, thanks to an ingenious three-notch system. At the first, it winds the watch, at the second, it sets the date (upwards) and the reference city (downwards), and at the third, it sets the central display time.

Simple and intuitive, this design allows the wearer to cross the time zones, driven solely by the desire to discover the world, without having to worry about the time change: the local time (by central hands) and the domestic time (by the mobile disk) are automatically synchronized with each other. It is also easy to distinguish day and night-time zones: the two tones of the same bezel (dark for night, white for day) naturally indicate this, by two consecutive 12-hour segments, opposite the reference cities concerned.

This exceptional movement is visible through the open back of the watch. Like all genuine Manufacture calibers by Frederique Constant, it is richly decorated with Côtes de Genève

Finally, the Classics Worldtimer Manufacture is above all a creation of modern and timeless design and an invitation to travel. This intuitive design has survived the last ten years without any modification other than chromatic; enriching the collection with variations of blue, brown, grey or green, like so many wild landscapes, reefs and colored lands.

A double anniversary celebration

Presented for the first time in 2012, this model, which has become a must-have, celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2022. As an icon of travel, it remains a unique source of inspiration that has  crossed the decades, fashion trends and is shared from generation to generation to continue towards new horizons.

The two new versions are dressed in a deep blue representing the oceans of the central planisphere. Luminescent indexes are applied all around to ensure perfect legibility, even at night. Finally, at 6 o'clock, the date is displayed by a hand within a finely sunray guilloché dial.

The first version, the rarest and most prestigious, will be produced in only 88 pieces, in a 42 mm case in 18-carat pink gold. The second, in steel, will be limited to 1888 pieces. Both pieces are on a navy blue alligator strap with a folding buckle, decorated with the emblematic seal of the Frederique Constant Manufacture, an eternal passport to escape. 

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